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#USA #Giveaway MAX 2: White House Hero Blu-ray Combo Pack! Plus Exclusive Run Game!


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        Giveaway MAX 2: White House Hero Blu-ray Combo Pack! Plus Exclusive Run Game!

MAX 2: White House Hero is out on Blu-ray from Warner Bros Home Entertainment on DVD, Blu-ray™ Combo Pack On May 23, 2017 & Digital HD Now!
In the brand new original family film, Max has a new assignment that brings him to Washington D.C. where he’s on a highly-sensitive mission that will push Max’s specialized skills, intelligence and loyalty to the test.


About Max 2 Giveaway

Man's Best Friend Is The Country's Biggest Hero
MAX 2: White House Hero
The All-New Original Movie Is Available on DVD, Blu-ray™ Combo Pack On May 23, 2017 & Digital HD Now.
Duty calls again, and our hero dog Max returns to action in "Max 2: White House Hero." His new assignment brings him to Washington, D.C. to serve on the U.S. president's Secret Service detail. When a foreign leader arrives with his precocious daughter Alex (Francesca Capaldi), tensions arise between both countries. First Son TJ (Zane Austin), along with Max and Alex, uncover a dangerous plot that puts both kids and both nations in jeopardy. A highly-sensitive mission will push Max’s specialized skills, intelligence and loyalty to the test.
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#OOFOS #Mens #OOriginal #Sport #Sandal #Blogger #Product #Review Feel the #OOFoam #Footwear Technology

#FEELTHEOO   #OOFOS #Mens #OOriginal  #Sandal #Blogger #Product #Review
      #OOFoam  The technology behind the OO

  Hello and happy Spring time everyone. I'm thrilled to be able to bring you this product review for what I think is the most comfortable footwear that your feet, legs, and back, will truly appreciate and benefit from in body usage.

  If you do not already  know about a company named .oofos.com then I'm happy to introduce you to them.  They offer you a unique footwear experience that provides massive comfort with each style of footwear they sell. In both comfortable and stylish footwear for Men and Women.
For me, comfort in my footwear comes first on my priority list.  And here is why these choices in Summer or any season really, is the most comfort that you'll find in the function of the footwear choices from www.oofos.com
          Comfortable footwear is important for so many reasons. When your young, you think nothing can effect you. But trust me, when all those years pass you by later, and you had made the wrong choices in how you support the health of your feet, legs, hips, and back, your body will soon suffer from how you only worried years before in what style or fade of footwear you let your body endure day after day for appearance sake. I do wear other shoes for seasons, but when it comes to standing, walking, alot I keep the comfortable OOFOS on my feet. I know if they are wonderful for the aged person like me with different health issues such as my back, legs and feet, then they ideal for the ones who go more than me and are into sports.
          My Blogger Product Review for https://www.oofos.com

I had the opportunity to review the #Mens #OOriginal  #Sandal from www.oofos.com  
        Which is available in lots of great colors such as Black, Forest Green, Mocha, Red, Slate and the  Navy Blue as shown below, of which I reviewed. Available in Men's sizes from 3 to 14 
  Company Overview Description : Our most popular shoe soothes and reinvigorates your feet after a workout, so you'll be ready to do it again tomorrow. With OOfoam technology, the patented footbed design absorbs impact, cradles your arches and allows you to move naturally. Your feet will know the difference. 
  • OOfoam: Absorbs 37% more shock than other materials
  • Reduces stress on sore feet, knees and lower back
  • Cradles your arches
  • Biomechanically designed footbed allows natural motion
  • Soft, conforming toe post eliminates toe chafing
  • Shower/beach-ready; moisture resistant; doesn't retain smell
  • Durable OOfoam holds its cushion
  • Machine washable
  • So light they float
  • Sizing: If you normally wear a whole size: Order the same whole size OOfos.
    If you normally wear a half size: 
    • Women: order a half size UP for best fit.
    • Men: order a half size DOWN for best fit.

           Both my husband and I are 50+ in age. Our health has really been challenged in the last few years. I suffer from degenerative bone disorder in my back with falling disc and arthritis. So for me, to wear the most comfortable footwear for shock absorbency while standing or walking is a true must.  I use a cane daily to help me be able to stand longer than I should. But we all want to still be able to enjoy life by getting out, walking at our own pace and using the body that God gave us. But with age, it hurts. So, just like a cane that I use as an aid to help me, an aid can also be the best footwear technologically that has been created to benefit your body's limbs.
         So if you find that footwear aid and know it works to better yourself in less pain, then use it, and tell others so they can enjoy it too.
That's exactly what I did for my husband when I knew my good, positive, and helpful results from wearing this greatly invented footwear by the company called @OOFOS  could do for my body's support in my feet, legs and back in less pain with enjoyed #footwear of the Durable OOfoam that holds its cushion its entire life as I wear them. I have a  pair in the  womens-ooriginal-sandal #Mocha color, that I just love! I've had them for a few yrs now and as you can see in the photo's below, they are still going strong!  They DO NOT  go thin, crack, loose their shape, or wear out. They honestly are like a top grade tire on a car that keeps it's tread and serves the need intended for use and purpose, for years. They are easy to rinse off and dry up quickly to keep on going strong.  If you've ever stood on one of the padded floor mats as in retail stores, then the cushion and absorbent feeling is like that but even better! 

      And so I knew that after my husband had suffered from the negative effects that chemotherapy after Cancer, had left in his lower limbs of nerve damage, that he could benefit greatly from this most comfortable footwear. 
       The chemo treatments left him with nerve damage to his feet and not only does his feet, ankles, toes, hurt him with every step he takes. It also left him with even more pain if he has to stand with the hard ground between his bottom foot. Even in the house as he arises at night to walk about, he can't walk barefoot without lots of pain that the hard ground's impact causes.So, he was wearing just your run of the mill cheap thin rubber flip flops, just to try to withstand the pain a bit less while getting up and moving around. Needless to say that was not working. He started wearing the very thick, soft, absorbent cushioned sandal flip flop choice of the #mens #footwear by #OOFOS  and immediately saw the positive effects of less pain, longer endurance to be able to stand, walk, and have more comfort upon his feet, legs with enjoying their #Mens #OOriginal #Sport #Sandal by #OOFOS  I waited for 3 weeks to get his results, to see just how much he felt this footwear would work or help. And so I am bringing this review to you with great results. He enjoys the same comfort as I do with my pair of womens-ooriginal-sandal.

My review photos of these awesome footwear in comfort use are as follows. 

                 Whether you are a man with a tiny foot in size 3 Or maybe a big man with a big foot in size 14 ..you'll find your size in the choices https://www.oofos.com/collections/mens #footwear of thong type as shown here in my review for between the toe, or the sport slide or clogs. They have all those in awesome colors to chose from. 
    The arch support on the bottom and inside sole is amazing and helps support your arches with cushion comfort 
                            Big Foot, Big Size, Big Comforting Results with #OOriginal  #Sandal for Men

                                                                 Cushions each step
 We love them and you really can #FEELTHEOO   #OOFoam  in this comfortable footwear's  cushioned technology

      The prices for this great comfort footwear are very reasonable.  You can  buy your style and color from prices of $45 to $65  in Men's or Women's choices. You can purchase directly from the OOFOS.com web site or from a retailer nearest your location.
Find a retailer who sells this great footwear by checking with their https://www.oofos.com/pages/retail-store-locator
Shop #International  too as OOFOS is global  Visit one of their international websites or an OOFOS current partner listed on their website at https://www.oofos.com

I recently read that at least one in every two women will have broken a bone due to osteoporosis after the age of 50. And so I think a very soft comfortable footwear that cushions the bottom part of the foot with every step is important. It's that reason, that I love the feel and durability of this footwear. 

The https://www.oofos.com
Company Overview

OOFOS brand footwear is powered by an innovative, cutting-edge proprietary foam material we designed with a world-class chemist. We call it OOFOAM. The unique OOFEEL of the patented OOFOAM foot-bed delivers unparalleled recovery and cushioning benefits that recharge and rejuvenate your feet so they feel free.

The OOFOAM absorbs the shock from your stride, shapes to your foot, and reduces the fatigue of impact on your feet and legs.

OOFOAM's revolutionary formulation outlasts the demands of normal wear and tear, extending the OOFOS experience long past the life expectancy of some other footwear.

OOFOAM is non-marking, water resistant, and machine washable. The only way to really connect with OOFOAM is to experience the OOFEEL for yourself!

  View the #OOFOS Video and see just why this choice in footwear for Men or Women is so comfortable to wear.  #FEELTHEOO


Traditional athletic shoes deliver rebound and energy return benefits to propel you forward during your fitness activities. OOfoam does the opposite, absorbing 37% more of the impact to reduce the stress on your feet, body and soul to help you recover.
Biomechanically engineered to alleviate the foot stress and soreness caused by your daily grind. Perfect for casual wear, recovery after a grueling run, or relaxing after a long day on your feet. Slip into a pair and you’ll immediately “Feel the OO”.


Was a big hit with my husband too and the relief it has brought to his feet with walking, standing and less stress to his arches, heels, toes and his whole feet and legs in general
I highly recommend this footwear!  It is a 5 star rating in footwear enjoyed for all the right healthy reasons, for comfort, and style, in my opinion

Be sure to visit this awesome #footwear company at https://www.oofos.com

For great choices in BOTH Men and Women's footwear offering styles such as the #ooriginal #sport #sandal, or the #oocloog Luxe #Clog all in an array of colors to choose from. 

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Sub to their free email newsletter which let's you as a valued customer, gain access to discount codes for purchases or alert you on new happenings with this awesome company. 
Sign-up is free and easy found here & oofos.com email newsletter subscription

Follow their social networks and be alerted as they reveal new styles, colors, sweepstakes etc.
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Winners have already been chosen for free winning giftcards and the grand prize will be a $10,000 SYLVANSPORT GO CAMPER  You can enter daily for the chance to win until the sweepstakes ends on April 29, 2017

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Thanks for stopping by today :)  I hope you'll visit this great company for which I was very happy to review  for in this sponsored product review @ https://www.oofos.com

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Protein Plus LLC #Protein Energy Power product review & Giveaway

Hi everyone, 

   I hope your new year in #2017 is gong great for you and your family, friends.  The time's flying by in my opinion, here it is already just a few days until February. 
    I won't ask you the usual question of those new years resolutions. Rather,  I'll ask what kind of physical task's have you done in these cold winter months? How much energy have you had during the winter seasonal months that usually keep us indoors more. I know for me I tend to exercise less being indoors. Today I took to doing some spring cleaning in winter and moved my bedroom and living-room around and cleaned it real good. I started out early so I could get it all finished. And this morning I decided to enjoy a protein drink to give me the needed energy to accomplish it without a heavy breakfast prior too my task. 
  So today, I gave the new product called Protein Plus - protein-energy-power  a try. 
          I was able to review this new product  that comes in a variety of flavors such as 
               Original, Banana, Honey and Chocolate.  These are sample sizes that were each good for use with mixing with 8 ounces of either cold water or milk. I choose milk and mixed it with the Chocolate flavor. 

Learn About Protein Plus LLC  (then continue on below with my thoughts on trying this new product) 

Protein Plus LLC Introduces Peanut Energy Power

Great tasting natural peanut protein powder drink
FITZGERALD, GA--(Marketwired - Dec 9, 2016) -  Protein Plus, LLC, a leading producer of peanut and peanut-based products for the food and confectionary industries, is pleased to introduce Protein Energy Power™, a great tasting, natural peanut protein powder drink. Protein Energy Power contains 17 grams of protein per serving, is high in fiber, low in sodium, and cholesterol free. It is genetically modified organism (GMO) free and contains no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, and no artificial sweeteners. Protein Energy Power comes in four flavors including original, chocolate, honey and banana, and is available online and at select retail locations including Publix stores and the company website, www.proteinplusflour.com
"If you like the taste of peanuts you'll really love the taste and performance of Peanut Energy Power," said Allen Conger, Jr., President of Protein Plus, LLC. "It's the best protein supplement option for health-conscious individuals that want a great tasting, plant-based protein without all of the sugar, cholesterol and artificial ingredients found in many whey, soy, egg, milk, and casein powders. It is also much better tasting than other vegan protein drinks."
Harold Conger, Vice President of Sales for Protein Plus, LLC added, "Protein Energy Power is ideal for individuals interested in maintaining a balanced and healthy diet. Daily usage will help improve energy and recovery prior to and after workouts or physical activity. Simply mix two scoops of Protein Energy Power in eight ounces of cold water or milk. You can also mix Protein Energy Power with your favorite fruit or vegetables to create a delicious smoothie."
Protein Energy Power is currently available in 1.81 pound containers offering 20 servings. Be sure to follow Protein Plus on Facebook® at www.Facebook.com/proteinplusllc, or Twitter at www.twitter.com/proteinplusllc for product information, recipes, and giveaways.
About Protein Plus, LLC Headquartered in Fitzgerald, Georgia, Protein Plus, LLC is a producer of top quality peanut flour, peanut butter powder, Protein Energy Power™, and premium roasted aromatic peanut oil for the food and confectionary industries. More information about Protein Plus can be found at www.proteinplusflour.com or by calling (229)423)-5528. 
Protein Energy Powers is a registered trademark of Protein Plus, LLC. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are properties of their respective companies.


Protein Plus, LLC was incorporated on April 1, 2008, it was founded for one simple reason – to create healthy products that taste good. We offer defatted peanut flour in 12% & 28% fat, light and dark roast. These products are offered in 2/25 lb. vacuum packed boxes, 50 lb. paper bag and 1,800 lb. super sacks for the food and confectionery industry.
Due to many inquiries from the home maker, we introduced a one and two pound vacuum sealed bag of our defatted peanut flour for the retail and E-commerce businesses. After reviewing all the protein powders, we found most were using whey and soybean protein. And while these products offered as “Healthy” they are packed full of sugar, calories, cholesterol and artificial ingredients.
We felt we could create a healthier product so we teamed up with an elite team specializing in developing protein and dairy products to create our own brand. They used our creative idea and developed a product now known as PROTEIN ENERGY POWERtm. The results are a well-balanced protein powder that offers tasteful formulation through ingredient engineering. This product is ideal as a nutritional breakfast drink for the active on the go lifestyle, a meal replacement, a pre or post work out shake or just an afternoon pick me up snack.
PROTEIN ENERGY POWERtm fulfills our mission to create a nutritional product that is plant based with natural ingredients that meet the demand for health products. All of our products are GMO free, gluten free, 100% vegan and Kosher certified.
  My free sponsored product review: 
   One sample pack that I reviewed of the  Protein Plus energy power  mixes are naturally flavored, naturally sweetened, provide 17g protein, O mg cholesterol, 500 mg of potassium, and provide 25 essential vitamins and minerals, and 100 mg Omega 3,  Pro-biotic 1 billion active, high in fiber, low in sodium, and 100% Vegan. 
                    I used a whisk to stir up the powdered mixture. I need a shaker / blender bottle so I can easily just add my choice flavor,  shake it and go out the door. They offer a great one at Protein-plus  in their Protein Plus Blender Bottle

                       The back side tells you all the nutrients and ingredients
                            Uses can be enjoyed other ways

                    Comes in four choice flavors of Original, Banana, Honey and Chocolate
I love chocolate, so I went for that flavor first to try. I felt the powder was easy to dissolve in the skim milk that I chose instead of water. I'm old school age, so I choose the milk option for my need of calcium for my bones. But I think that ice cold water as the mixture would be just as great tasting. Especially if a person has just came from a workout and did not want to use milk. Or some people are lactose intolerant so water would be a great choice as the liquid base to use. 
I loved the taste of the chocolate flavor Protein Plus energy power mix. 
I felt it tasted very similar to a malted flavor and because I used milk, I felt it was a creamy smooth texture to enjoy. I drank my mixture at 9 am this morning and now here it is 3 pm the same day and my energy is plentiful and it has sustained my hunger well for these past few hours. 
I would use this product again. I look forward to trying the other flavors. 
I like the fact that you can buy this product in a variety of flavors and in a 20 serving size container.  As photoed here from the web site of 
Read the ingredients and nutritional fact for a single serving found Here 

The products they offer are their line of Protein  Energy Power mixes, Protein Plus Flour, and Roasted Peanut Oils.  Be sure to visit their web site to find out more about these Protein Plus products. 
Which can be enjoyed in ways by Shakes (like I have reviewed here today) or in your oatmeal, ice cream or yogurt.  Upon visiting the https://proteinplus.com web site, you'll be able to learn about their products, see recipe ideas, learn the latest news about the products, and purchase directly online for the products or learn what retail merchants sells their items. You'll also be able to enjoy money savings discounts on your purchases. January purchases are now a 20% off .  And free shipping.  
Some facts about Protein Plus LLC

Follow them on their social networks at 
Be sure to visit them at  
Protein Plus, LLC
129 Kings Borough Road
P. O. 100 / Fitzgerald, GA 31750
P: 229-423-5528 / F: 229-423-5530 

Would you like to give  this product a free try? 
    Not only did I get the chance to review this product from https://proteinplus.com
The sponsor  wants one (1) lucky person to enjoy it for free as well. 
Note*  One (1)  Person randomly chosen from all entries placed in to this free sponsored giveaway below, will win free a 20 serving container in the flavor of their choice. 
    Thank you for stopping by today here 
     at Mamawj's Moment Away 
                You'll find the easy entry form below. Good Luck 😊 
Mamawj's Moment Away Blog Disclose:
Due to FCC rules I have complied here with both local and international laws by disclosing that I am working with both 
Dresner Corporate Services and Protein Plus LLC in this free sponsored product review and giveaway.  I am stating that the assets included within this message were delivered to me free by said parties in order to facilitate this blogger product review. Affiliated links may be within this post. No compensation was given to facilitate this blog post.  All opinions spoken here are my own honest opinions. I am not responsible for shipping or prize fulfillment of this free giveaway prize. Entrants must be the age of 18 or older to enter this free sponsored giveaway, USA entrants only. ALLERGY INFORMATION: Contains Peanuts  NOTE** the product mentioned DO Contain Peanut product. Protein Plus, is a producer of top quality Peanut Flour, Protein Energy Power & Aromatic Peanut Oil for the food & confectionary industries.

Protein Plus LLC #Protein Energy Power Giveaway USA ends 2/10

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Enter to #win a #Personalized #Ornament $16 Value Winners Choice! From @Ornaments.com #USA #Giveaway 12/10


And Thank you everyone for stopping by here today @Mamawj's Moment Away 
With the Christmas holiday still days away....There's still time to... 
GO STRAIGHT TO THE Best Source for that #OOAK (one of a kind)  Ornament  that is most unique, quality made, with attention to detail in an everlasting, ever cherished, #personalized  Ornaments that you'll rarely find to be made your own, in those super stores, malls etc.
Seriously Folks, your not doing it true justice in spending your money at those places if your on the search for that one truly ornament that can be an awesome gift, in its self...
If you want your heart, to be inside every loving and caring emotion when you choose and gift that special person in your life a gift that says I love you, thinking of you, proud of you, etc etc and with a specialty  ornament you can do just that for $15 or less you get one made how you want it to look and read to convey how you feel about them. 
And I mean for any age, any occasion, any celebration, you can find it easily at 

I hope you remember my reviewing for this wonderful company,last year. I was able to choose what I liked and have it personalized to my liking for the person, reason, and meaning that I knew would display exactly what it stood for and the precious lasting memory that it would hold for both myself as the gifter, and the receiver. 
If you missed that wonderful review and are curious as to which personalized  ornament I chose, then please visit that previous post found here
This years chance to happily review again, for the kind folks at 
Was so wonderful. 
What traditions do you pass down at Christmas? 
I think it's wonderful to create a simple tradition with your family, your children, your grandchildren, and pass that loving gesture along to them so they have cherished memories to look back on once their loved ones are no longer with them. 
And, you know how fast children grown the many milestones in their and your life that can be savored in ways besides just a photo taken. I think having something tangible that you can hold in your hands, see with your eyes, and recall that special day in time that was a celebration, can be forever in your heart to look back on.  
As grandparents, I started a tradition with and for our grandson when he was born.  I wanted something that's all his to enjoy. Something that as he grew, he could look at it and it would remind him of the once in a life time happenings that were so very important to him. Those precious moments as he grew may of involved his parents, an achievement he accomplished for such hard efforts he strives for in something. Or just to mirror image who he is as a person, how he cares for someone, or his dreams, or hobbies. And most of all, he will know each time that he looks at it, holds it in hand, that he can re-live, re-love, and re-visit in his mind and heart, just what it meant with it's meaning when it was received and whom he received it from. 
So almost 13 yrs ago, I started getting him one special ornament that had a specific meaning as to him. And I knew because he loved us as much as we loved him, that he'll enjoy each year looking at them as he puts them on his tree. And once he's grown and has his own family, he can enjoy them still and maybe carry on that same tradition with his wife and children.  
It's traditions passed on, that make you who you are, who you loved and who loved you. 
While some of those years along the way, I may have gotten my specific ornament at a certain tourist place, or local merchants at local craft fairs etc. And some were just $2 to $5 each in cost, while one or two, I paid $50 for. I wish  I had known about  ornaments.com earlier. 
And Yes, you do have your all famous specialty stores that you can visit inside or buy from online. 
But besides the famous movie themes or character actors recognized, do they offer you an ornament this speaks to a certain persons career field, a child's  interest or their goals achieved in school, in sports, the loving Dad, Mom, Grandparents, Aunt, friend, co-worker, vacation memory, special occasion as in first anything such as wedding anniversary, graduation, first car, your adorable pet that you love so much? 
I could name tons of more unique ornaments that you can find and have personalized with this great and friendly company. 
Let's just sum it up by saying, your ideal ornament to have as a keepsake, does not have to be just a round shaped ball. 
They take design to a whole new visual and shaped meaning when you choose one of their personalized ornaments. 
Example: If your  Mom is the best cookie baker ever! :)  And you want her to know it and feel the loving meaning you want to convey, Then this ornament you see below can be read to say 
Each person's name and the phrase it shows, OR 
 "Best Cookies Ever" 
"We love cookies"
 'Let's Bake Together"

Get my meaning now? 
At ornaments.com They will try their best to add the phrase you like as long as it's within the character numbers that will fit within the space on the ornament. 
Big family, small family, they have tons of choices to choose from that speaks to that person, that reason, and yes, that season that you can gift in a very unusual unique and quality personalized ornament. 

Family Baking Cookies, 5 peopleFamily Baking Cookies, 3 peopleFamily Baking Cookies, 2 people
Maybe your going to want to surprise your loved one with exciting news of a first birth, first car, first four wheeler for that special occasion or Christmas gift. Why not surprise them while in the moment by telling them in a lovely personalized ornament and have it to look back on in years to follow.  Many choices in age, gender, race color and themed topic can be found at ornaments.com 

4-Wheeler OrnamentBaby Boy in Bunting with Glitter - EthnicBaby in Christmas Stocking

Around the Piano Ornament, CoupleBaby Snowflake Personalized Christmas Ornament, Blue, African AmericanChild with Teddy Personalized Ornament, Male, Brunette

This year, I wanted my choice in my grandsons personalized ornament keepsake, to be one that helps him to remember both myself and especially his papaw. It's been a rough past almost 2 years now that held alot of serious health issues with his papaw. Lots of prayers and blessings were answered. And so this year, as soon as I saw this perfect ornament as I browsed the ornaments.com web site, I knew this one spoke to me and said "That's It-Pick Me".  

                                    It's called Black Bear Couple Log Cabin 

I was able to have it read whatever I chose (as long as the character writing was within the space provided).
It has everything that his papaw &  I are all about, when it comes to the importance of a safe, welcoming  home that my grandson knows he will always be able to come inside and warm our hearts and his too with love. It will remind him of so many things that his papaw and I love and enjoy. Like my love for collecting black bears, simple country living, and his papaw's kind heart and big warm bear hugs that lights up both our smiles to receive. 
And ornaments can be enjoyed so many places, besides just the holiday tree.
Place them on your wreath, as a gift box topper, you cars review mirror, a ceiling fan pull, dangling from a ball of mistletoe  hung up high, atop a gift basket full of goodies, so many ideas of places to enjoy that unique personalized ornament of choosing when found at 
Here I added mine to my outside Christmas decor, to show you just one of many ways to enjoy them. 
Or here, on my little tree decor display 
Years from now, he'll think back on how he always felt welcome in our home.
And know that because it read, Papaw and Mamaw..that we will always love and be proud of him and we'll be in his heart even though someday we won't be here with him. 

These are some of those precious specialty ornaments that I have gotten just for him each year at Christmas to keep sake. Who doesn't love photo framed ornaments? Right? 

Well they have those too as choices when you shop photo ornaments  at ornaments.com
                                                Look at these examples
Custom Photo Ornament - Twine                                                                         Custom Photo Ornament - Red Bow

Where does the time go? They grow up to fast....

So, This years specialty ornament was perfect for our simple little country tree.

           He will love this years choice and what it resembles to him.

The personalized ornament choices at ornaments.com are so vibrant in color, with attention to detail, the perfect size, a ribbon to hang it, and most of all, with exactly what you like conveyed on it to read that is so welcoming in free personalizing. It arrives in a free pretty white gift box, free gift card that you can also personalize and warms your heart when you see it, just like it will warm the receivers heart when gifted.  Holiday Ornaments from AROUND THE World 
                              I hope you'll head on over to their web site and browse the many choices and enjoy a unique personalized ornament. Key word search any words that you want in an ornament and see what comes up at ornaments.com. If your granddaughter has dark hair and you hope to find an ornament about her interest of say ballerina, soccer, love of  dance and hope to get an ornament in those choices with a girl in dark hair then your sure to find it there. Just search the word "Dark" or Brown or Blonde, even the skin color such as African American. Don't forget those armed forces whom our loved ones are serving. You can find those too and let the Navy, Army, etc. know just how much you love and miss them incase they can't be home for the holidays. Buy a treasured personalized ornament to keep sake for them that the children can look at on the tree. They have so so many choices you'll be pleased indeed. They ship fast and have great perks  for being a valued customer.

                                                      BUY It @ ornaments.com
                                                       Description: Description: Description: 2010 ornament signature reg
                                 Be sure to visit them at their web site at ornaments.com
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Description: Description: Description: 2010 ornament signature reg

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